About Us

About Us

Who We Are

Back in the 1980s before Golden Omega began, I was running a mortgage business and raising a family in Silicon Valley. Like all small business owners, we needed to streamline the work to make our lives easier. In our case, we were looking for a faster way to track our individual client ledgers. However, no such software existed in California for maintaining trust funds.

But we didn’t let that stop us. We brainstormed our options and decided to create the software ourselves. What we built transformed how we ran our business and we couldn’t keep it to ourselves. In 1988 we launched a new venture: Golden Omega (along with a 9-month-old daughter–we’re multi-taskers!).

Our customers quickly wanted more than just tracking client ledgers, so we delivered loan document preparation software and eventually a whole suite of software solutions to help mortgage companies focus on growing their business, not busy work.

Today we offer 14 enriched software products to enhance and automate a mortgage office operation at reasonable prices, leading amongst the competition.

As our product offerings grew over the years, so did the types of clients we serve. Our products now help our clients in the mortgage industry, but also construction companies and nonprofit organizations.

Golden Omega has for over 30 years provided timeless, legally compliant software solutions with inclusive features for the lending, construction, and nonprofit industries.

Who We Serve

Mortgage Offices
Our mortgage software clients depend on the automation we provide for their day to day business operations using, i-Servicing, a loan servicing platform, for loan servicing companies, i-Trust, for an audit tested trust accounting, designed for real estate brokers, realtors, attorneys, trusts, and i-Loan, a loan document preparation for private money loans.

Construction Companies
Our construction software clients rely on i-Lien to properly secure payments from their jobs. i-Lien ensures the contractor, sub-contractor, general, building material supplier and labor provider establish their legal rights to get paid.

Non-Profit Organizations
Our non-profit clients depend on the i-Trust program for managing their clients’ funds while maintaining accurate individual balances, day in and day out.

Across all Industries
All business size companies across all industries can benefit and increase their cash flow, without having to wait for the snail mail to arrive, simply by utilizing our check drafting software, i-FaxCheck. i-FaxCheck uses MICR fonts that all optical readers, including desktop scanners, can read the check information and print it on the blank stock of checks. The check is deposited, like a regular one, typically without any additional charges by the bank.