i-Pools: An all in one Mortgage Pool Software for Fund Management servicing, trust accounting, member distribution. i-Pools is designed to automate the tedious tasks and record keeping of mortgage pool funds. It contains three (3) modules in one: loan servicing, trust accounting, and the fund management component working efficiently and without double entries, as a single database program but with multiple links and automated postings. It is designed to deal with the servicing of mortgage loans and other assets owned 100% by a fund, investment pool or Limited Liability Company. i-Pools is the best most efficient software app for managing a mortgage fund, investors and loans, an all-inclusive loan servicing software for maximum efficiency and automation.

Features and Benefits

Mortgage Fund Management servicing, Trust accounting, Member distribution, All in one, with many Built-in features:

  • Same features as i-Servicing
  • Same features as i-Trust
  • Fund, pool management software built-in features:
    • Accrual or Cash basis accounting
    • Fund management reporting
    • Investor statements
    • Different options for calculating dividends; the preferred rate of return, guaranteed rate, net profit
    • User-defined member shares
    • Automatic calculations of member shares, capitalization, yields, the annual rate of return, distributions, re-investments, and net profits
    • Loss reserve account
    • Accrual payments and expenses tracking
    • Accrual income and expenses
    • Member distributions – monthly, quarterly, annual
    • Easy distribution reversal
    • Waive at will expenses, performance and servicing fees

Loan Management Software, with Add-On Enhancement Modules for Ultimate Efficiency.

    • Credit Reporting
    • Discounted Notes servicing
    • FNMA Import from third-party loan origination systems (LOS)
    • Construction Loan Tracking Software for in-house construction funds control
    • Multi-Bank for servicing Ginnie Mae loans

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