Construction Lien Notices

Construction Lien Notices

i-Lien is a Windows software for the printing of Construction Lien Notices and Mechanic’s Liens for Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Building Materials and Suppliers.

Features and Benefits 

  • Manages a database for all jobs, residential, commercial, government with ease. 
  • Prints Preliminary Notices,  Notices to Owners, Releases and Mechanics’ Lien forms on plain paper or Pettit Forms with the attached green card.
  • Includes forms for all US fifty states, US Territories and Canada.
  • Offers an intuitive and modern interface by simply entering the job information, dates and dollars and hit the Print button.
  • Maintains a history of clients’ jobs.
  • Tracks all jobs by multiple sorting options including preliminary notices to owners, lien warning notices, releases and mechanics’ liens .
  • Manages and automatically assigns USPS Certified mail numbers.
  • Installs on a local computer for Local Area Network offices, or on a Terminal Server, Thin Client or CITRIX server for multiple offices with a single database for better management and control.
  • Keeps up with the legalities of construction lien notices to offer piece of mind for its users.


  • i-Lien Single State – when doing business in a single state of your choice.  First job indicates the State of your preference.
  • i-Lien Tri State – when doing business in three (3) states of your choice.
  • i-Lien Multi State and Multi-Company- when doing business in any of the fifty US States, US Territories and/or Canada and/or have multiple companies/entities.
  • i-Lien Small Contractor – full feature but offered to companies with less than 50 jobs a year- Single State with a reduced price.
  • i-Lien Billing Lien Services – Multi State/Multi Company with the ability to do billing including matrix pricing for Lien Service Companies.
  • i-Lien PRO– Coming Soon!

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