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partial list of documents and reports


  • master client account listing
  • investment availability report
  • production report
  • tracking reports
  • pipeline status report
  • lien tracking report
partial list of borrower documents

  • promissory note secured by deed of trust
  • deed of trust with assignment of rents
  • deed of trust with absolute assignment of rents rider
  • mortgage loan disclosure statement
  • truth in lending statement
  • notice of right to cancel (general)
  • notice of right to cancel (refinance)
  • notice and acknowledgment of non-rescission
  • agreement to procure lender
  • loan agreement (broker acting as lender)
  • borrower loan escrow instructions (broker conducting escrow)
  • borrower loan escrow instructions addendum
  • broker/lender escrow instructions (outside)
  • broker/lender sub-escrow instructions
  • net funding sheet
  • payments to be made through escrow
  • fire insurance authorization
  • insurance endorsement request
  • borrower application certification
  • declaration of oral disclosure
  • truth in lending compliance affidavit
  • consumer notices
  • itemization of prepaid finance charges
  • request for notice of default
  • agreement and consent for request for notice of delinquencies
  • request for notice of delinquencies
  • request for beneficiary statement
  • demand for payoff
  • request for real estate loan rating
  • request for verification of employment
  • request for verification of deposit
  • exhibit ‘a’
  • exhibit ‘b’
  • borrower’s file notes
  • good faith estimate of settlement services charges
  • non broker good faith estimate
  • arbitration agreement
  • balloon payment disclosure
  • payment guarantee by non-trustors
  • notice of adverse credit action
  • ability to repay disclosure
  • mortgage broker compensation disclosure
  • credit disability insurance disclosure
  • credit life insurance disclosure
  • transfer of servicing disclosure (respa)
  • excessive debt ratio disclosure
  • hazardous materials certificate and indemnity agreement
  • acknowledgment of telephone disclosure
  • section 32 cooling off notice
  • prorated interest disclosure
  • source of funds for repayment
  • adjustable rate historical information (tila required)
  • contingent dual interest policy authorization
partial list of lender documents

  • lender/purchaser disclosure statement (loan origination, ca-dre)
  • lender/purchaser disclosure statement (sale of existing note, ca-dre) - plus re851d for multiple properties.
  • lender trust deed escrow instructions
  • arbitration of disputes (lender)
  • multiple lender disclosure list
  • trust deed - current offering - (single property)
  • trust deed - current offering - (multiple properties)
  • lender servicing and equity interest agreement
  • multiple lender addendum to lpd statement (origination)
  • multiple lender addendum to lpd statement (sale of existing note)
  • multiple lender qualification statement
  • assignment of deed of trust
  • promissory note assignment
  • lender oral disclosure acknowledgment
  • notice to assignee of section 32 loan
  • high cost disclosure
  • multiple lender disclosure (ca - b&p 10232.5)
closing documents

  • closing statement
  • recording transmittal instructions (escrow company)
  • recording transmittal instructions (title company)
  • hud1a

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