i-Loan and i-Loan PRO: Loan Origination And Document Preparation Software

i Loan - Loan Origination and Document Preparation Software


i-Loan is the perfect private money loan software combination for Loan Origination Software and Document Preparation App.  A Windows database loan origination software (LOS) and loan document preparation application (doc prep app) developed to simplify the task of preparing, emailing or printing loan documents in-house for borrower, private investor and closing loan documents with over 250 professional looking loan documents that are specifically drafted for owner-occupied properties, non-owner, business purpose loans, commercial properties, “rehab,” construction and HELOC mortgages.

Two versions of private money loan software available: i-Loan for California companies without the ability to edit the loan documents or create new ones but offered as Unit Usage model for small volume loan companies; and i-Loan PRO for Nationwide loan companies and attorneys with an unlimited number of loans. Both doc prep software app options include TRID, TILA, and GFE documents.

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i-Loan - Loan Origination and Document Preparation Software

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Features and Benefits

Private Money Loan Software

  • Menu Options with Shortcuts for Easy Navigation
  • Simple interface for entering loan information in data screens and printing documents
  • Create sample loans, copy loan file to another, and template for quick 20-minute loan document creation
  • Data entry screes for fixed, step rate and adjustable-rate loans
  • Databases for private lenders, brokers, appraisers, title and escrow companies, service providers
  • Automatic APR calculations
  • Tests:
    • High-Cost Mortgage
    • Higher Cost Mortgage
    • APOR
    • TRID
    • California Article 7 Loans
  • Cross-Collateral Loans with multiple properties with multiple liens per property
  • Unlimited number of borrowers and investors per loan with automatic signature line creation
  • California mandated documents
  • FNMA 1003 and 1008 forms
  • Built-in over 250 loan documents easily selected from the printing menu with preferences for quick printing for Borrower, Lender, and Closing
  • Built-in emailing of a single PDF for all loan documents in a loan
  • Built-in Calendar
  • Seamless interface with i-Servicing for importing a loan for servicing
  • Add-on documents include Construction, HELOC documents, Special Loan Servicing Agreements, and Consumer Finance Lender (CFL) documents for California Companies

i-Loan PRO

Same features and benefits as in i-Loan, but with the greater benefit for adding own drafted loan documents and modifying any of the built-in loan documents in i-Loan with merge fields insertion for data. The user-created documents become part of the loan documents printing menu. It is a one-time setup for any new user custom documents that are readily available to be used for any loan.

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 i-Loan List of Standard Documents

Add-On Loan Documents

  1. Construction Loan Documents
  2. HELOCs, Home Equity Line of Credit Loan Documents
  3. California CFL Documents

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