i-Loan PRO Unlimited

i-Loan PRO Unlimited


i-Loan PRO software for an unlimited number of loans, loan document preparation for private money, hard money mortgage loan companies, asset based lending and direct lenders. i-Loan is a Windows database and loan document preparation system designed for attorneys, direct lenders, private money, asset based lending loan companies offering the ability to modify built-in loan documents plus the added feature to add own custom loan documents to the system.


i-Loan PRO -Unlimited Loans

Customizable loan documents private money hard money software. i-Loan PRO is a Windows database and loan document preparation system developed for attorneys, direct lenders, private money, asset based lending loan companies in California. Its intuitive user interface design for in-house creation, printing and emailing borrower, private investor and closing loan documents has created millions loan documents since 1987.  Updated loan documents for fixed, step and adjustable rate mortgages specifically for owner occupied properties, non-owner, business purpose loans, commercial properties, “rehab,” with construction and HELOC mortgage loan documents Add-ons. i-Loan PRO, loan document preparation software with the ability to draft loan documents for an unlimited number of loans for a one-year license borrower, private lender and closing documents, and with the ability to modify all built-in loan documents and add own attorney drafted ones.  i-Loan PRO is for Nationwide loan companies and attorneys preparing loan documents for their clients.

i-Loan PRO for Nationwide loan companies and attorneys. xxxx test

i-Loan Features and Benefits

  • Menu Options with Shortcuts for Easy Navigation
  • Documents menu for editing built-in loan documents and adding unlimited own custom documents
  • Simple interface for entering loan information in data screens and printing documents
  • Create sample loans, copy loan file to another, and template for quick 20 minute loan document creation
  • Data entry screes for fixed, step rate and adjustable rate loans
  • Databases for private lenders, brokers, appraisers, title and escrow companies, service providers
  • Automatic APR calculations
  • High Cost Mortgage Test
  • Higher Cost Mortgage Test
  • Cross Collateral Loans with multiple properties with multiple liens per property
  • Unlimited number of borrowers and investors per loan with automatic signature line creation
  • California Department of Real Estate forms
  • FNMA 1003 and 1008 forms
  • Built-in over 250 loan documents easily selected from the printing menu with preferences for quick printing for Borrower, Lender and Closing
  • Built-in emailing of a single PDF for all loan documents in a loan
  • Built-in Calendar
  • Seamless interface with i-Servicing for importing a loan for servicing
  • Add-on documents include Construction, HELOC documents, Special Loan Servicing Agreements and Consumer Finance Lender (CFL) documents for California Companies


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