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technical bulletins

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tb0001 -checks issued not showing up in recon

tb0002 -how to print list of lender investment report

tb0003 -notary acknowledgment

tb0004 -reinstalling source files

tb0005 -unable to locate files in i-loan when updating

tb0006 -i-servicing modify tran reg

tb0007 -i-servicing clear financial records

tb0008 -how to do the re881 annual dre report

tb0009 -how to set a lease payment in i-servicing and i-pools

tb0010 -how to remove negative balances in trust

tb0011 -how to print borrower payment coupons

tb0012 -how to print a deliquency report and late notices

tb0013 -how to get started with i-loan and i-loan pro

tb0014 -how to get started with i-file

tb0015 -how to add expenses to the fund

tb0016 -how to process principal only payments

tb0017 -how to process a regular payment

tb0018 -how to process a partial payment

tb0019 -how to process a payoff

tb0020 -how to add transactions in the trust account

tb0021 -how to add accrued expenses or income in i-pools

tb0022 -how to print an escrow report

tb0023 -how to print accrual income report

tb0024 -how to print annual accounting statements for borrowers

tb0025 -how to do a transfer in the trust account

tb0026 -how to void a check

tb0027 -how to add a new lender in i-loan’s database and do a proper loan assignment.

tb0028 -how to setup i-servicing

tb0029 -how to properly setup standard cost and expense items in i-loan

tb0030 -how to setup i-servicing for adjustable rate loans

tb0031 -how to do a straight note in i-loan

tb0032 -how to print a check

tb0033 -how to print a check to broker if not dispursed

tb0034 -how to print a refund check to borrowers

tb0035 -how to post to an account with no funding

tb0036 -how to properly post a check

tb0037 -how to setup an advance

tb0038 -how to charge default interest rate




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