i-Trust: Trust Accounting software audit tested, audit trail, subsidiary ledgers. It is designed for trust account management for anyone having client trust accounts. An automated version of a client ledger with a simplified, intuitive record keeping interface of unlimited client trust funds since 1988.  i-Trust offers full automation and flexibility while maintaining a strict audit trail of all transactions. Strict data integrity maintained with superior database maintenance utilities to better follow and ensure trust accounting principles.

Trust Accounting software, audit tested, audit trail, subsidiary ledgers. It is developed and designed for anyone maintaining a Client Trust Account, more specifically:

i-Trust - Trust Accounting Software - Golden Omega

  • Direct Lenders
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Realtors
  • Property Management
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Foreclosure Companies
  • Attorneys
  • Estates
  • Insurance Agents,
  • Payroll Accounts and Taxes
  • Nursing Homes
  • And many other segments of different industries requiring the management of a client trust account.

Features and Benefits

Trust accounting software audit tested, audit trail, subsidiary ledgers.

  • Transactions for deposits, check writing, credits, and debits
  • Various behind the scene functionality maintains data integrity
  • Subsidiary ledgers for each client, including payables
  • Audit trail  of all transactions
  • Bank Account reconciliation with reporting
  • Viewing of past reconciliations with Undo button
  • Check writing with check options, laser or MICR
  • Multi-Client single check writing
  • Trust Accounting Reporting
    • Client Journal
    • Trial Balance
    • Source Journal
    • Check Register for Audit
    • Daily Check Register
    • Client Account Statement
    • Not-Cleared Transactions
    • Subsidiary Ledger Balance
    • Reconciliation Report
    • Trust Compliance Report
    • Account Report
    • Annual CPA Review Statement
    • Cash Received and Paid out Report
    • Average Daily Balance
    • Other Assets List

The only audit tested, audit trail, subsidiary ledgers trust accounting system for client trust accounts since 1988! First in the country audit tested, audit trail, subsidiary ledgers trust accounting software created to simplify the record keeping of client trust funds.

i-Trust is available as stand-alone software for client trust funds handling for Local Area Networks and Terminal Server/Thin Client or CITRIX environments. i-Trust also comes built-in i-Servicing and i-Pools systems for a more efficient and automated single posting of trust transactions that eliminate duplicate entries.

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